Accelerate Charter Revenue Through ARGUS Charter Operator Ratings, The Industry's Most Recognized and Respected Symbol of Quality.

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The Standard for Quality

The ARGUS Rating program allows operators to demonstrate to their customer base their commitment to safety and quality.  Becoming rated by the most respected name in the aviation industry adds a level of excellence to your operation that will distinguish it from the competition. 

One of a Kind Audit

The ARGUS Standard Audit is a one-of-a-kind audit.  The ARGUS Standard was developed from decades of experience within the company.  The standard set the bar on safety and is recognized and respected worldwide. The ARGUS Standard confirms to your customers the extraordinary operational safety level that your operation maintains.


Become a Flight Above the Rest

There are certain standards of operational excellence that flight departments around the world look to achieve.  Many aviation industry audits provide you with varying degrees of operating standards along a wide spectrum.  The ARGUS Standard takes the best of each international standard and creates an elite definitive process and a path to the best version of your organization.

The staff at ARGUS proved to be professional, knowledgeable and able to provide valuable feedback and insight. Our audit process with ARGUS helped strengthen our operation while giving our staff confirmation that their hard work and dedication to safety was recognized and rewarded. Charter First has set itself apart from our competitors, and I am confident that the marketplace will respond positively to our hard-earned ARGUS Platinum status and ISBAO registration."
Peter Johnson
President | Charter First
“We’ve been in business for over 27 years and have always endeavored to exceed the standards set by the governing bodies. The aviation industry is heavily regulated, however not every charter operator meets the same safety standards. By proactively pursuing comprehensive ARGUS audits and ratings, we’ve certified our operational processes for our most important stakeholders, including; our jet owners who’ve entrusted their assets to us; our employees and pilots within our company; and every charter client, past, present and future. They know they’ve put their trust in a diligent and safe charter operator.”
Curt Pavlicek
CEO | Pinnacle Aviation
“Achieving ARGUS Platinum allows our customers to rest assured that their travel is in compliance with the regulations and best-practice standards governing our industry. It has also allowed us to establish and earn the continued trust of our customers, which is an absolute necessity when providing our services.”
Greg Schmidt
CEO | Pentastar Aviation

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