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The TRAQPak Pro product allows you to really dive into the historic flight data that will allow you to analyze your market landscape.  You can determine new opportunities ripe for growth and where the competition is falling short.


TRAQPak Fleet

How efficient is your fleet?

With the TRAQPak Fleet product, you can get an analytic break down of the efficiency of your aircraft within the fleet.  Are you utilizing the aircraft to maximize time in the are and subsequent profits?  This product can answer that question for you with raw data points.  You can look at the historical data going back to 2012 and spot the trends that can help you strategize in a way you never have before.


A Robust Aviation Intelligence Tool

TRAQPak is the preeminent tool for anyone that operates within the business aviation space.  There is not a better product to help your operation grow.  Any and everybody that operates in the general aviation, fractional, or charter space can use this tool to improve their business.  Get the detailed information that will help you make the best decisions for your operation in any capacity.


Evaluate trends and patterns with historical context as it relates to aircraft activity.

Market Landscape

Study the breakdown of the business available around you and benchmark your business against your competition.


Actionable Intel

Get the information you need to grow your business in any capacity.


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